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Netflix now Global

Big news coming out of CES 2016 as Netflix announces it's streaming service is now available in 130 new countries bringing the grand total to 190. This includes adding Arabic, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese to it's already...

Netflix raises standard account price $1 per month

Netflix has increased the cost of the standard account which allows streaming HD on 2 screens at once from $8.99 to $9.99 per month for new customers while existing customers will also see the increase...

Nexus Player won’t stay signed into Netflix

A few weeks back I picked up a Nexus Player to replace my aging Roku 2. Over the last couple weeks from time to time my wife/kids would yell at me to come up and...

Nexus Player unofficially gets Dolby Digital Surround on Netflix and more

Long awaited Nexus Player features like Dolby Digital Surround on Netflix and the Amazon Instant Video app are available unofficially with the release the new Sony TV with Android TV installed.Over at XDA, member brar.arsh has extracted...

Netflix charges more to stream simultaneously

If you plan to stream Netflix to multiple screens at the same time expect to pay more per month for that luxury. I recently discovered this when I tried to watch something on my smart...