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Xbox One Coolers – Do you need one?

We all know heat is one of the greatest enemies of electronics, what might not kill it right away could lead to a shorter life span for your device.The Xbox One can get pretty...

Use your Xbox One controller with a Windows PC

You'll now be able to use your Xbox One controller on your Windows PC with the purchase of the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Windows adapter available starting October 27.The new adapter doesn't work with Xbox...

Xbox One Media Remote

 There's one thing you shouldn't go without if you plan to watch TV on your Xbox One and that's the official Xbox One Media Remote. Even if you have no intention of watching TV...

Plex on Xbox One – Kinect Voice Commands

Recently I purchased an Xbox One with Kinect to replace my aging Xbox 360 and I've got to say that I'm quite happy with it. Later I'll do a full review of the Xbox...