Roku Streaming Stick Shipping Now



It’s been said that the new Roku Streaming Stick could begin shipping out today from a few online retailers including Amazon reports a source, despite the device hitting shelves in April. I personally checked my Amazon pre-order status and it indicates my estimated delivery date to still be April 2nd. Currently we’ve got a poll going to see if your considering picking up a Roku Streaming Stick or going with a Chromecast – poll could determine a future giveaway 😉

Let the Chromecast vs Roku Streaming Stick EPIC battle rage!

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Roku just posted the official Roku Streaming Stick video below highlighting all of it’s features:

I personally think a huge selling point would’ve been to include the private headset jack in the remote, but it appears that won’t be included.

Stay tuned for my full review once it arrives on my doorstep and don’t forget to check out the Roku Streaming Stick announcement write up. You can pick one up from Amazon below: