Plex moving to single app on Android

Plex moving to single app on Android

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2015-01-26 13.11.56Plex for Plex Pass on Android is no longer as going forward there will only be one Plex app on Android. Those of us Plex Pass users (paid subscription) should uninstall Plex for Plex Pass and install Plex for Android instead. Upon installing Plex for Android you’ll be met with the following splash screen:

2015-01-26 13.20.09If you’re not a Plex Pass user and you’ve already purchased the Plex for Android app click on “Already Paid?” and you’ll be directed to send an email to Plex for activation. If you’re a Plex Pass user just sign in and you’ll be up and running just as before.

This could be good for Plex on Android as the separate apps have led to confusion among both Pass and Non-Pass users which have resulted in negative reviews.


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