Media Browser is now Emby


EmbyIt’s not April Fools, Media Browser changing its name and will now be known as Emby. Why you ask? They feel they’ve outgrown the Media Browser name and it’s no longer descriptive of what they are. The reasons they chose Emby was not only because it was short and catchy but also because it sounded like “MB” when you say it. Here’s the official statement:

Given our broad presence in all the app stores, and future potential, we wanted to come up with a short and fun name that everybody’s wives, kids and grandmothers will be able to remember. We were not looking for a name that describes the project, because that’s very difficult to do and, undoubtedly, will end up meaning different things to different people. Short, catchy and unique were really the top requirements.

They’ve acquired which will be their new home with hopes to pickup in the future and have requested help in re-branding their logo.

Regardless of name, if you’re looking for a product to enhance your HTPC experience, might want to take a look at Emby.

Hit the source if you’d like to see the official announcement from Media Browser.