Emby hints at Live TV experience update

Emby hints at Live TV experience update in the works with latest server beta release announcement and they've included a couple of teaser screenshots as seen above and below.Per the announcement:We are committed to...

Windows Media Center killed off by Windows 10

It would seem that Microsoft may be killing off Windows Media Center with Windows 10, at least according to Ed Bott who confirmed this with a Microsoft executive during a private meeting at the...

See HDHomerun DVR in action

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbkMqcWkFQ0]Recently announced HDHomerun DVR Kickstarter from Silicondust can be seen as Lon Reviews Tech from Lon.tv gives us our first glimpse (besides the Kickstarter video).

HDHomeRun DVR Kickstarter

Silicondust manufacturers TV tuners which we're named Mediaputer's 2014 product of the year, but they've branched out from that a bit when they partnered with Simple.TV in 2013.  I was a bit intrigued when I...

Media Browser is now Emby

It's not April Fools, Media Browser changing its name and will now be known as Emby. Why you ask? They feel they've outgrown the Media Browser name and it's no longer descriptive of what they are....

Don’t let your HTPC overheat

Got heat? If your HTPC is stored in space where there's no air movement and/or high temps you could find yourself replacing components a lot sooner than you'd expect. That's why we're taking a...