Don’t let your HTPC overheat


2015-02-02 14.38.48

Got heat? If your HTPC is stored in space where there’s no air movement and/or high temps you could find yourself replacing components a lot sooner than you’d expect. That’s why we’re taking a look at programmable thermal fan controller. How these controllers work is quite simple, such as I’ve set my controller to turn my fans on when the temperature exceeds 90F and turn off when the temperature reaches below 75F. If you’re looking to save a few bucks you can go with the other model without a display which offers pre-set temps ~ Fans on >88F(31C) and Fans off <81F(27C). The programmable model can be set to operate in a range of 32-211F (0-100C) and does offer the option to turn the display off just by holding the UP C/F button for 5 seconds. Both models will offer the ability to power up to 4 3pin fans/lights. Here’s a demonstration video of what these controllers offer:

Keep in mind if you’re just purchasing the controller you’ll also need to buy a 4pin power supply as only the kits include this. Coolerguys do offer pre-assembled kits for purchase as well if you’d rather just cut a hole and mount.

Below are a few links to a couple of options and accessories direct from Coolerguys: