Stream Live TV on Plex with ServerWMC



Here’s how you can setup ServerWMC with a TV tuner to work with Plex and stream Live TV and set recordings within the Plex application. Just setup Windows Media Center to work with your TV tuner, then setup ServerWMC, then Plex Media Server and then install the WMC2Plex/PlexWMC plugin.


Installing Plex Media Server and ServerWMC is straight forward, just download and install and it will walk you through setting them up correctly; of course since ServerWMC uses Windows Media Center you’ll need to make sure that’s installed and setup to work with your TV tuner.

Now that you’ve got Plex, Windows Media Center and ServerWMC up and working now let’s get streaming to Plex setup; this will require you to download WMC2Plex, just click on “Download Zip” on the far right bottom. Once downloaded, extract the files to the Plex Plugin folder, which if you need help finding it click here. Make sure it doesn’t attach “-master” to the end of the folder and/or make sure that it didn’t stick the files in a sub folder like \Plugin\wmc2plex.bundle\wmc2plex.bunde\<files here>.

Now reboot the computer or you could also reboot Plex Media Server. Now after logging into Plex in channels you should now see a PlexWMC channel. You might need to hover over the channel and click settings and set the IP and/or port ServerWMC is set up with – I used the default settings and didn’t have an issue. Other settings such as Days of EPG to show, playback quality, etc.


You’ll also want to check out the known issues as well as other troubleshooting tips here.

Open the PlexWMC channel and you’ll have a few options – Live TV, Guide, Scheduled Recordings and Recorded TV.



If you select Live TV or Guide you’ll be presented with the list of TV channels you’ve setup in Windows Media Center/ServerWMC and from there you can see what’s coming up or watch the channel of your choice as seen above in the first image in the article.


After selecting a channel under Guide you’ll be presented with the list of upcoming shows, select one of those shows and it will allow you to record the program.



Scheduled Recording shows you all the upcoming recordings you’ve set along with a brief synopsis and when it will air.

ServerWMC2PlexRecordingsAlthough PlexWMC isn’t as pretty as the setup on Emby it does get the job done and gets it done well. I’ve confirmed at least on my Nexus 6 that I’m able to use the channel including streaming live TV directly to my mobile device outside my home network.

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  1. The navigation of this plugin is terrible. Too many layers to finally play live tv.
    Choosing live tv takes you to station choice. Choose a station takes you to another screen to tell it to play, instead of just playing the content.
    Choosing guide takes you to a list of stations. It should show you the listing for all stations, but instead, you have to choose a station to see what’s playing and coming up. So if you’re station surfing, good luck with that.
    Too clumsy. Or, with a more positive spin, it’s a good start, with lots of room for future improvements.