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Plex arrives on Apple TV – Officially and Free

Plex has officially arrived on Apple TV and is free for everyone and you don't need to have a jail-broken Apple TV or use the channels hack, etc. Unless you were semi tech-savy getting...

Donations + Memberships

Here's a complete list including links for memberships and donations for various products and services featured on Mediaputer.Emby Plex MCEBuddy Kodi Schedules Direct MediaputerIf you see one that's missing please contact us.

Plex Media Player takes the place of Plex Home Theater

Plex has announced the new Plex Media Player to take the place of Plex Home Theater. Plex Media Player was built from the ground up and is powered by mpv, an open source project...

Plex on Roku and Xbox 360 now free for all

Plex has announced Plex for Roku and Xbox 360 will no longer be limited to Plex Pass users and will be available for free for everyone. As features exclusive to Plex Pass users decline...

Plex 101

What is Plex? How does Plex work? What is Plex Pass? I've created a basic guide on Plex to answer general questions regarding Plex.

Plex Music arrives on Xbox One

Plex Music has arrived on Xbox One which now gives you the ability to stream music directly from your Plex Media Server and/or watch the latest trending music videos, etc. Plex Music arrived for...