HDHomeRun DVR Kickstarter


Silicondust manufacturers TV tuners which we’re named Mediaputer’s 2014 product of the year, but they’ve branched out from that a bit when they partnered with Simple.TV in 2013.  I was a bit intrigued when I received notification of a Kickstarter project named HDHomeRun DVR from Silicondust; my first thought was consolidation of the Silicondust and Simple.TV technology and I might not be far off.

Silicondust is seeking Kickstarter sponsors to fund their latest project called HDHomeRun DVR. HDHomeRun DVR appears as a subscription based service that for $30/year will give you the ability to record protected content directly to a NAS or PC as well as stream to a handful of supported devices like HDHomeRun VIEW. HDHomeRun DVR essentially bypasses the need for a PC running Windows Media Center for example to set recordings, etc.

There’s a couple of key items:

1. Copy protected content – This is a big deal if it works and part of the hurdle most face when moving to their own DVR system

2. There’s technically no mention of accessing the content outside your local home network, that’s not to say it won’t become or even will be available, just speculation and things to keep in mind.

3.  Bypassing the need for a PC is a big deal, no longer worry about OS updates, maintenance, etc.

Further on point #3, imagine rocking Plex Media Server and HDHomeRun DVR on a NAS!

If Silicondust can deliver it will be a giant leap for the community on a few key hurdles, with that said you can count me in as they have yet to disappoint me.

HDHomeRun DVR Kickstarter

Kickstarter HDHomeRun DVR Project Link