Media Browser 3 Server Beta Updated

MediaBrowserMedia Browser 3 Beta Server was just updated to version 3.0.5188.21314 and the new features are as follows:

  • DLNA Play To
  • Create collections using the web interface
  • Identification Feature added to editor
  • Redesigned video player in web client
  • Support Xbmc .disc media stubs
  • Reports
  • Copy-only option added to Auto-Organize

DLNA Play To

Now you can find DLNA devices on your network and you will have the ability to remote control them. A feature that I’m scratching my head on as I don’t see why you’d want/need this…

Posted Image

Create Collections using Web Interface
Now you can create your collections using the web interface.

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Identification Feature
No more IMBD ID tags! Now if Media Browser is confused with your media, you simply click the identify button and select the correct media.

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Redesigned Video Player

Posted Image

You now can run reports on your media content to identify if that media is missing certain items, for example I was unaware that I was missing some subtitles, etc.

New Auto-Organize Setting
You can now change the transfer method to Copy or Move.

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Support for Xbmc Media Stubs

Now you can create dummy library entries for them using the .disc file extension. When you attempt to play them in your favorite app, it will tell you to get up off the couch and insert the disc.

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