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Got heat? If your HTPC is stored in space where there's no air movement and/or high temps you could find yourself replacing components a...

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Its been just over a year since I started Mediaputer, it's where I and others can share our knowledge of all things home theater with...

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If you're like me you've got a LG Smart TV that didn't come with the Plex application installed(There was a time LG did have...

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I'm putting the Roku Streaming Stick up against Chromecast to see who will come out on top.

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The new Roku Streaming Stick gets an initial video review highlighting Netflix, Plex, Media Browser, Cast to Roku and more,

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Ceton My Media Center setup guide and review videos including links to download. Ceton My Media Center is a must have if your using Windows Media Center on your HTPC

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Mediaputer's review of the Xbox 360 Media Remote

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Explanation of available TV tuners for 2014 and how you can watch live tv on any device inside or outside your home.