Media Browser Roku Channel Adds Live TV


5339dcf3b123d_dev3The latest release of Media Browser’s Roku Channel adds Live TV which comes just in time as my Roku Streaming Stick is slated to arrive tomorrow. Of course you must have ServerWMC installed on your Media Browser Server in order to stream live TV. It would seem Media Browser and Plex are going head to head on features, but it seems like Media Browser is always one step ahead of Plex. Currently Plex doesn’t offer the ability to watch live TV.

5339dce8503e8_dev2I’ll be putting a guide on how to setup Live TV via Media Browser, it’s really simple, so stay tuned.

Also included in the Media Browser Roku Channel update:

  • New Design
  • Photos (including slideshows)
  • Local trailers
  • Special features
  • Additional toggle options including suggested movies, genres for tv/movies
  • Remember user specific toggles
  • Ability to browse your collection by letter
  • Intros Plugin support
  • Remember or forget user on each login