Comcast introduces Stream for $15/month


stream-tablet-today-inlineComcast has announced Stream, a service that allows its internet only customers the ability to watch live TV, shows or movies on your phone, tablet, computer, etc. from networks such as HBO, Fox, NBC and more for $15 additional a month. Of course, there are limitations and restrictions such as you need to be a Comcast internet subscriber and to access this content you’ll be limited to your home network.

As a previous Comcast customer, I recall using a very similar service know as Streampix which offered customers the ability to stream some networks, shows and movies outside your home network but to use the service you had to have a cable-tv package that supported those networks. As a previous Comcast customer I also recall a discount for getting even basic TV with my internet package, any current Comcast customers willing to chime in on that? In my opinion Stream is Comcast’s direct attempt at reclaiming loss revenues from the growing population of cord-cutters, because why wouldn’t you just release Streampix to your internet subscribers instead?

Keep in mind that Comcast hasn’t disclosed the entire list of available networks available except for HBO and “all the major broadcast networks”, which with the exception of HBO can be had by hooking up an antenna; you could even subscribe to HBO GO for $15/month.