Nexus Player won’t stay signed into Netflix



A few weeks back I picked up a Nexus Player to replace my aging Roku 2. Over the last couple weeks from time to time my wife/kids would yell at me to come up and sign them back into Netflix because it’s signed them out. The first few times I wrote it off as losing internet or just some timeout setting or something else. Sometimes I’d need to login right away while other times only after autoplay next title kicked in would I be prompted to re-login. The more it occurred the more irritated I became and eventually was force for sanity purposes to revert back to the Roku 2.

Upon further investigation I’m not the only one with this problem, a lot of people are, specifically with their Nexus Players as discussed on Reddit and XDA. I reached out to Netflix to confirm the issue and they indeed confirmed it’s not the account, nor the device but an issue on their end that’s forcing re-login. The Netflix rep told me it’s an issue they’re aware of and are working to resolve; they would not give me any details nor ETA for resolution. I highly urge you to contact them if this issue is affecting you as most of you know the more people affected the higher the priority.