Comcast’s terrible customer service call


comcast-on-demandPosted over at The Verge is Ryan Block’s of AOL terrible experience with Comcast Customer Service while trying to cancel his cable service via phone with the option to mail in the cable card. If any of you have Comcast you know that calling Comcast for any reason is a nightmare. It’s funny because I just cancelled my Comcast service yesterday as I’m moving and just visited the local Comcast office, turned in my cable card and was in and out in less then a few minutes. Maybe if the rep would’ve simply said “We cannot cancel the service over the phone, we ask that you to drop off the device  in person” this would’ve been avoided, but it’s these hidden rules and terrible communication that get Comcast in trouble all the time. The recording is eight painful minutes, listen below or visit the source and share your story below as I’m sure you’ve got one.