Xbox DVR for Over-the-Air TV


Xbox1DVRIt was announced today at gamescon 2015 that Xbox One would offer the ability to record and stream Over-the-Air TV in 2016. That is provided of course if you own a Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One, Mohu Leaf 50 antenna and are able to receive over-the-air TV(free broadcast TV). You’ll also be able to stream, watch or download those recordings via any Windows 10 device and/or via the SmartGlass app on iOS/Android.


They haven’t said this will not work with a CableCard tuner for premium TV but that’s not to say its not possible; the ground work is there with Windows Media Center. I’d even settle with this ability via cable TV pass-through, you’d no longer need to pay for those DVR boxes. This should appeal to the cord-cutters, because instead of a PC handling Over-the-Air TV you could just set this up with a Xbox One.


I really wish Microsoft would stop playing with my emotions when it comes to handling TV – example being Windows 10 killing off Windows Media Center. Was the master plan just to incorporate the features of Windows Media Center into Windows 10 anyway?

Before you get crazy dropping over $100 for the tuner and the antenna, you might want to check here to see what Over-the-Air channels are available in your area –

Here’s links to both devices and of course a Xbox One, keep in mind you’ll only be able to watch TV on the Xbox One.