Plex for Android gets Airplay support and a makeover


Plex-Airplay-AndroidPlex for Android has updated to version 4.0, it comes with a complete material makeover and the ability to cast via AirPlay to an Apple TV, etc.┬áIt’s not April Fools, believe it or not this update gives you the ability to cast from an Android device to an Apple TV or any AirPlay enabled device; here’s the proof below:

Plex-Cast-Apple TV-Airplay



Plex’s Android material makeover is quite nice as well and call me crazy but I feel like the overall performance has gotten better. Another big update is the ability to select servers from within the application; this will allow you to select between your server and shared servers. They’ve redesigned the home dashboard, it now gives you the ability to scroll left or right through recently added content or what was on deck last. Here’s some screenshots of the new material makeover: