Chromecast Audio Announced


Chromecast Audio

Google announced a device called Chromecast Audio today and it’s doing for Music what Chromecast did for the TV. Just so we’re clear, Chromecast Audio and Chromecast are TWO separate devices; Chromecast Audio connects to a speaker or stereo via AUX-IN port and allows you to stream music while Chromecast allows you to stream video to a TV via HDMI connection.

Chromecast Audio pretty much allows you to stream music to a stereo/speaker that doesn’t offer the ability to stream via Bluetooth. There’s already similar products on the market such as the GoGroove Bluegate¬†which allows you to stream audio to any stereo/speaker/etc. via Bluetooth; I’ll admit these devices aren’t the most user-friendly and with Bluetooth you’ll be limited to a certain range of distance.

Let’s see if Chromecast Audio can have the same effect on music as Chromecast had on TV.

Here’s a link to buy a Chromecast Audio –¬†Google