Chromecast gets a new look and more


Chromecast Puck

Hard to believe┬áChromecast is only two years old, today Google announced the next generation Chromecast which looks like a puck instead of a stick. The new Chromecast puck has a built-in HDMI cable in which it hangs from; keep in mind the Chromecast stick was itself the HDMI connection. The new Chromecast will also come in three different colors – black, yellow or red; Why not just black? Nine times out of ten it’s hidden when plugged into a TV. With that crap out-of-the-way let’s get down to the real improvements which is an upgraded Wireless (802.11ac, 5Ghz) with three internal antennas for increased video streaming performance and the other is a feature called “Fast Play” a sort of buffering system that allows for Chromecast to pre-fetch video before you hit play.

Will you throw out your Chromecast stick for a Chromecast puck? No, not unless you’d benefit from the improved wireless which is the REAL upgrade to Chromecast. It would’ve been nice to get 4K streaming support, but I guess we can look forward to that next time.

The new Chromecast Puck is available in the Google Play Store.