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Live TV on Emby

Emby announced native Live TV support with a HDHomeRun device which means you'd no longer need to user third-party software such as NextPVR, ServerWMC, or Media Portal to interact with Live TV. I've always used...

Live TV support native with latest Emby release

The Emby team has truly outdone themselves this time as they bring native Live TV support with the latest Emby Beta Server release. You'll no longer need to set up ServerWMC, Media Portal or...

Emby hints at Live TV experience update

Emby hints at Live TV experience update in the works with latest server beta release announcement and they've included a couple of teaser screenshots as seen above and below.Per the announcement:We are committed to...

Stream Live TV with Emby and ServerWMC

 In this guide I’ll show you how you can set up your HTPC to stream live TV, set recordings and watch recorded TV on your local home network but also outside of your home network via...