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Stream Live TV with Emby and ServerWMC

  In this guide I’ll show you how you can set up your HTPC to stream live TV, set recordings and watch recorded TV on your...

TV Tuners of 2016

Most people consider a TV tuner an optional feature of the HTPC; However If you plan to watch live TV on your HTPC, then you'll...

Add Plex to LG Smart TV with PLAYz

If you're like me you've got a LG Smart TV that didn't come with the Plex application installed(There was a time LG did have...

Stream Live TV on Plex with ServerWMC

Here's how you can setup ServerWMC with a TV tuner to work with Plex and stream Live TV and set recordings within the Plex...

2015 Mediaputer Holiday Guide

The 2015 Holiday Season will be here before you know it and I've created a Holiday Guide to help you find that special gift...

What is Chromecast?

General overview of Google Chromecast and what you can do with it