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Live TV on Emby

Emby announced native Live TV support with a HDHomeRun device which means you'd no longer need to user third-party software such as NextPVR, ServerWMC,...

Emby 101

What is Emby? Emby also know as Media Browser is a service/application that allows you to stream your local media content such as music, photos,...

Plex on Xbox One – Kinect Voice Commands

Recently I purchased an Xbox One with Kinect to replace my aging Xbox 360 and I've got to say that I'm quite happy with...

TV Tuners of 2016

Most people consider a TV tuner an optional feature of the HTPC; However If you plan to watch live TV on your HTPC, then you'll...

Donations + Memberships

Here's a complete list including links for memberships and donations for various products and services featured on Mediaputer. Emby Plex MCEBuddy Kodi Schedules Direct Mediaputer If you see one that's missing...

Stream Live TV with Emby and ServerWMC

  In this guide I’ll show you how you can set up your HTPC to stream live TV, set recordings and watch recorded TV on your...