Media Browser adds Movie Theme Songs


moviethemesongsThe community over at Media Browser just released Movie Theme Songs plugin that will download Movie Theme Songs where available to your local media library via MediaBrowser 3 server. After a theme song is downloaded, when visiting a movie in your collection the theme song will play; the plugin will install on the server and the theme songs will play on any client/theme that has been made to use them which are listed below –

  • Roku Client
  • Media Browser Theatre
  • Media Browser Classic – All themes (free Theme Video Backdrops Plugin install required from MBC Configurator)
  • Android Client (TBC)

BTW – Due to the nature of this plugin, a trial is offered which only downloads themes beginning with the letter A (providing you have a valid supporter key installed). Registering will give complete download of all available.

The plugin can be installed by visiting your Media Browser server plugin catalog now, get it installed and start jamming to some theme songs!