Bye XBMC, Hello Kodi


kodi-splash-600x336XBMC after 12 years is finally ditching its ties to Xbox (Xbox Media Center) and will now be called Kodi Entertainment Center. It’s a huge change but a needed change¬†that’s been long overdue, but is it too late? There’s not many people out there in the technology community that haven’t heard of or even used XBMC at one time of another, this could be a big risk as far as name awareness goes. ¬†It does make sense as XBMC hasn’t been tied to Xbox since the original Xbox, hell it doesn’t even run nor has ever run on Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Kodi Entertainment Center will carry the version 14 “Helix” and besides the splash screen users will not see any other difference as far as branding.

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