XBMC 13.1 Gotham Final Version

XBMC 13.1 Gotham Final Version

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XBMC releases XBMC 13.1 “Gotham” final after two betas and a release candidate. Fixes included in the 13.1 version compared to 13 version are as follows:

  • Fix resume point of certain PVR items begin stale on playback.
  • Fix weirdness when certain TVs query XBMC’s UPnP server and it
  • starts running a bunch of add-ons which cause popups on the XBMC
  • machine.
  • Fix crash at exit while airplay is playing
  • Better recovery of VDPAU on errors.
  • Fixes for cropping of interlaced content using VDPAU.
  • Fix for FLAC tracks with large embedded images not playing.
  • Fix for crash if librtmp wasn’t available.
  • Fix for ffmpeg building on linux using later versions of librtmp.
  • Fix for broken m4a, mp4 playback with paplayer.
  • Fix for the hint text not being shown in editcontrols once unfocused.
  • Fix minor memory leak in PlayMedia builtin function.
  • Fix albumartist use in song smartplaylists.
  • Use unique client broadcast UID in the PVR api.

In case you missed it here are a list of the features included in XBMC Gotham:

  • Android Hardware Decoding
  • Raspberry Pi and Android speed improvements
  • Stereoscopic 3D Rendering
  • Improved UPnP capabilities
  • Dramatic Audio Engine Improvements
  • Settings Improvements
  • Subtitle Search Better
  • Extended Python and JSON-RPC API for developers
  • Official XBMC Remote for iOS
  • and much more.For more information regarding XBMC please visit the source.
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